Vastu compliant kitchen isn’t rocket science! Vastu can be a confusing topic for some, but it is actually quite simple. Vastu comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “to live in.” It is an ancient science that has been used for centuries to help people live more harmoniously

It helps you live in harmony with your environment by taking into account the five elements: air, earth, fire, water and sky or space.

The kitchen is one of the most important part in the house. It’s where we prepare healthy and nutritious meals for ourselves, our families, friends and guests- it has to be both functional and welcoming! But kitchens can also have some tricky Vastu principles that you may not know about.

This blog post will give you all of the information you need on how to apply these different aspects of Vastu design into your own kitchen so you can create an environment that encourages productivity while being warm and inviting at the same time.

In this article we have compiled for you 5 essential tips to make your kitchen vastu compliant. Excited? All right, let’s dive in.

1) Vastu Tips for the layout of a Vastu Compliant kitchen

The vastu tips for the kitchen layout would be as follows:

A vastu complaint kitchen is best located in a south-east direction, as the fire element (Agni) is predominant in both directions.

Open kitchen layouts in the north zone should be avoided at all costs.

A west zone layout is also considered favorable for open kitchen layouts. It promotes good health.

The vastu principle suggests that the kitchen must have a door or window on the East side.

It should also have a door/window in West “to balance the energies”.

If you do not have an eastern facing door, try to place some natural objects such as flowers, plants or trees to bring eastern energy into your kitchen.

While cooking you must face the east direction as it brings about positive energy.

A toilet or powder room should never be located in a kitchen unless it is very far from it, but not outside the house.

2) Vastu tips for Equipment Settings in Kitchen

Place the fridge along with two other appliances (one on either side) in an L shape from the sink to make it vastu compliant.

If you have a microwave, try to place it above your range or stove/cooktop rather than below it, as this will help maintain harmony between fire energy and water energy within your home environment.

Another vastu principle states that energy can flow in three directions viz East, West and North, but it should not flow in South.

You must ensure this vastu rule by keeping your cutlery, plates or other utilities in these directions.

Vasu suggests that you should keep your kitchen utensils and cutlery at one corner of the kitchen; if it is small in size then you can use separate containers to store them and place them in a corner.

The cooking stove must be placed in the south-east direction as it’s the most essential equipment in the kitchen and it needs to be in the fire corner.

3) Vastu tips for water arrangement in kitchen

Sinks and taps in the kitchen indicate flowing water, so they should be positioned north-east.

Furthermore, in a vastu compliant kitchen, sinks should never be placed close to stoves, as water and fire disagree with each other.

It is not a good idea to place the water taps in the corner of the two counters.

Keep your kitchen taps free from leaks, as they are believed to have a negative impact on the financial standing of a household.

Place the dishwasher in the north-west direction.

Similarly, the north-east direction should be chosen for storing any sources of drinking water, like filters, purifiers and any form of water storage units.

Fire and water are opposite elements, so do not place water symbolizing elements near a fire stove. A partition can be used if you have such arrangements and they cannot be changed.

4) Vastu Tips for kitchen lighting

As per vastu guidelines, there must be a perfect balance between light and shadows in the kitchen.

Make sure the kitchen is well lit. A couple of cool LED lights placed on the opposite directions or ceiling will do the trick.

Make sure your shadow doesn’t fall on the cooking stove/pot while you are cooking.

Put a Zero power LED red night light on the south-east wall of the kitchen as it is believed to foster financial growth.

5) Vastu tips for colour selection in the kitchen.

Choosing the right colour for your kitchen is also very important. How you can accomplish that is as follows:

In vastu shastra, North – East is considered to be very auspicious as it represents the direction of wealth and prosperity, vastu suggests that it be painted a shade of cream or white. Kitchens decorated in this colour tend to be more positive and harmonious.

Vaastu also recommends painting the West wall a neutral color, such as grey, black, or blue. These colours are calm and steady, but don’t use them much in the kitchen as they can make your cooking area seem dull.

Kitchens also look good in pastel shades like light pink and peach. As per Vastu, these colours symbolize warmth and prosperity.

While choosing the right colour for the cabinet consider using light shades of yellow, green or orange as it denotes health, prosperity and positivity as per vastu.


So, have you tried any of these Vastu tips for your kitchen? If not, we highly recommend that you do and turn your regular one into a vastu complaint kitchen.

The best part about following the vastu principles is that they are not complicated and will cost literally nothing to implement in your home! All it takes is a little time and effort on your end to make sure everything is set up according to Vastu guidelines.

We hope this article has enlightened you as much as it did us when researching the topic – stay tuned for more such wonderful articles soon!

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