16 Mar, 2023

“Bhubaneswar gets ready for Lovemarks”

Dear Friends, I welcome you to the world of EVOS.

We are a young-at-heart, vibrant, and energetic real-estate company who reflect the true spirit of Odisha state. Our core purpose is to bring about a meaningful transformation in the world by enhancing the quality of life of our customers in such a way that it makes the world a more beautiful place to live and grow. We are one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in Odisha state, and our success can be traced back to our relentless focus on one single thing: CUSTOMER CENTRICITY.

As one of the most progressive and pioneering real estate brands of Odisha, we at EVOS have resolved to create Lovemarks. A home that is a creation from the heart, an outpouring of passion for the finest that life has to ever offer. A lifespace that brings together the best of the best, curated by the celebrated. At EVOS a home is where the heart is. And the heart is where a lovemark is.

So if you’re thinking of a home in Odisha, think no further than an EVOS Lovemark.

Warm Regards

Kalinga Keshari Rath

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