The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted almost every industry, including Real Estate. It’s been more than a year now to the pandemic, but the end seems nowhere near at all. However, the good news is the Govt. has initiated the vaccination drives for all eligible age groups across the state. And by the next 2 years, everyone in our state (entire 4.5 crores population) is expected to get their vaccination jabs done.

In such a crucial time, when everyone is fighting for their survival & livelihood, do you think is it a good time to invest in the real-estate sector in Bhubaneswar?

Will it be safe to buy ready-to-move flats in Bhubaneswar during this Lockdown?

YES, probably this is the best time to invest in Bhubaneswar’s real-estate market, according to the experts of Financial Express.

COVID-19 has made the stock market & mutual fund investments very volatile and hence investors are exploring other options in the search for a stable asset class that can give better returns. Well, what can be a better option than buying a house when the residential real-estate in Bhubaneswar is at its best now.

We are not joking!

Here in this blog, we are going to show you Four strong reasons why this may be a good time to invest in flats/apartments in Bhubaneswar. Please continue reading till the end, we have a pleasant surprise for all our loyal readers.

  1. Home Loan Interest Rates are at Record Low

If you have the necessary margin money, then don’t give a second thought in availing the record-low interest rates on Home Loans. Considering the economy shrinkage nationwide due to Covid-19, RBI has reduced the Home Loan interest rates to sub -7% levels.

Before covid-19, the Home Loan interest rates were ranging from 8-9%, depending on individual’s CIBIL profile.

If you have a good credit score (over 750-800), this is the best time for you to buy your own 2BHK/3BHK flat in Bhubaneswar at the lowest-ever interest rate.

2. Nature of Real-Estate Market is tilting towards Buyers

With Higher Loan-To-Value (LTV ) ratio, Lower property valuations, and cheaper credit availability, the real estate market has completely become a Buyer’s market today. Every law & regulation is now favoring the buyers to make an investment in the residential properties and earn a good return in the Future.

If you have been house-hunting in the recent past, but stuck due to high pricing & unfavorable Loan rates, then this is your time to hit back and make the investment.

This is the right time for you to buy a luxury studio apartment in Bhubaneswar at a very lower price.

3. Real-Estate Still a Very Stable & Profitable Market

 Even though the overall market has slowed down due to the effects of Covid-19, but real estate is the only investment domain which has seen the least down-ward trend yet. Every other investment options like stock market, Gold, Mutual Fund have become volatile and highly unpredictable, eroding the confidence of investors.

Real-Estate still remains the safest and the most reliable, when it’s about counting ROI. This improved buyer’s sentiment has helped real-estate gain a positive traction as a stable asset in this prevailing pandemic.

4. Better Deals at Reasonable Prices

Due to Lockdown, the entire country is going through a hard economic crisis. Everyone is struggling to mark their livelihood, specially the Middle-class and the Poor people.

Considering this hardship in economy, many reputed real estate developers across the state are now willing to negotiate with the pricings and offering amazing deals to the aspiring homebuyers.

Also today, if you are willing to buy a flat in Bhubaneswar, you have the widest selection of options to choose from. And the deals available are no less than any festive offers.

So, what’s your plan then?

Evos Buildcon has been in the real-estate sector for the past 15 years and earned a trusted reputation in the Bhubaneswar’s real-estate market. Currently we deal in both commercial and residential properties including 1BHKs, 2BHKs, 3BHKs, 4 BHKs, Row House, Studio Apartments, Villas, Duplex, and more.

Simply specify us your housing requirements, and we assure to provide a prime property deal in a posh location that too within your budget bandwidth. Call us today to start a discussion.

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